Exit 360®

Buy/Sell Digital Assets

Pakistan’s First Ever Digital Asset Marketplace

Exit360™ is the brainchild of our CEO, M. Bilal Aftab, who saw an immediate need for a local platform that supports digital asset selling as a core service. Before the launch of this service, local entrepreneurs had to rely on either networking or international marketplaces to successfully sell their digital assets which came with its own set of challenges – our entrepreneurs either had to severely undersell their assets due to misinformation coming from monopolistic investors or international marketplaces charging exuberant fees coupled with barriers of international financial transactions which added to the cost of business.

Exit360™ is set to change the way local entrepreneurs build and sell their digital assets through a competitive, locally regulated, and transparent asset marketplace that benefits our local talent. We bring local and international investors and entrepreneurs on the same platform to do business uninhibited by the lore of high fees and barriers to entry by providing a level playing field for all.

In only 6 weeks we make it happen - from the valuation of your Amazon FBA business to getting all the documents cleared and finally transferring your well-deserved money to your bank account.

Flipping processes are:

We will discuss your business’s potential, brainstorm on growth ideas and quickly get back to you with our evaluation of your business. We evaluate your business worth fair and fast.

Honest Assessment

If we love your business, we will tell you. If our offer sounds good, we will deep-dive into your business. If it's not a fit, we are honest as well and can forward you to our favourite brokers and buyers. Either way, we'll find a way for you.

Completion and Integration

we'll sign all documents and close the deal. Funds into your bank account- now off to your next entrepreneurial masterpiece, who's that!

Looking to buy an online business?

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6 Week Process

We believe that a selling process should be straight-forward, efficient and smooth. You can get your money in a maximum of 6 weeks and often even faster

Experienced Team

We have founded multiple companies already and integrated many into our platform. We are specialists in what we do and have dedicated teams for each function.

Brand Lovers

We love to design, nurture and grow brands. By combining the best companies under one roof but paying attention to their uniqueness we can make them truly global players.


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