Amazon Brand Protection Solution

Amazon sellers are always on their toes, trying to keep up with the counterfeiters and hijackers. It doesn't take long for a seller's sales to be impacted by these violators- even if they have all of team’s support behind them! What would you do if someone copied your listing and started selling their product? Legitimate sellers on Amazon deal with this all of the time. It can be costly to find out when a counterfeit seller is infringing copyright or using unfair business practices such as hijacking another person's name. At Seller Interactive, we want our clients' brands protected from these violators by providing them support and assistance during any issues they may come across.

Close Monitoring

As clever as counterfeiters and hijackers are, they leave telltale indications that give them away. These can be hard to detect with an inexperienced eye, but not our team of experts tuned into the field who have been monitoring your brand account. Our background in detection gives us an edge over these sellers before any damage is done.

Immediate Measures

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to spot dishonest business practices. We quickly identify black-hat practitioners with our comprehensive knowledge of verifying their presence on Amazon FBA guidelines, so they can be apprehended immediately under the law while protecting your investment in time or money by adhering strictly to regulations.

Reliable Protection

Amazon is a tough marketplace with strict guidelines. But our extensive experience in Amazon makes us the ultimate defense for your business on this platform. From our training, dedication towards delivering results that meet or exceed expectations you can count on us to be your first-line defense against any threat in the marketplace.