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Stay attentive as Amazon Master PPC Course is on the way! Amazon Master PPC Course consists of top notch strategies to accelerate your monthly sales and lift your businesses to new heights!
Learn How to SKYROCKET your Amazon Sales, Keyword Ranking, and reviews. Starting this month with insanely profitable and simple Amazon PPC.

A to Z Knowledge

This course consists of knowledge from basics of Amazon PPC like creating different campaigns, and analysing them to the advance strats which means creating targeted campaigns to overcome your competitors and taking over the majority of shares in the monthly sales chart of products.

Successful Launch!

We have included multiple launch strategies as majority of sellers often use similar kind of launch strategies for each type of product hence, end up failing initially, leading to disastrous business structures!

ACOS Management

Tired of getting consistent high ACOS and are still unable to deal with it? Look no further, as this course will guide you to significantly reduce your ACOS to your desired values without losing your sales!

What To Expect

Amazon Algorithm is the core of entire PPC modules and it is of utmost importance to understand it therefore, we are designing this Master Course to guide new business start ups to properly launch their products and maximize their profit margins. In addition to this, we are here to help the ones who are already running businesses on Amazon but are stuck on their 2nd gear, unable to properly generate the best results out of their businesses.

Caution! It is an extensive PPC training program

  • Introduction to PPC – Basic Terminologies and KPIs
  • The Significance of Keyword Optimization and Indexing
  • PPC Campaign Types and Bidding Strategies
  • Market and Niche Analysis
  • Bid and Budget Optimization
  • Advanced Manual and Auto campaign Strategies
  • Benchmark Break-even ACoS
  • Aggressive Product Targeting PPC
  • ASIN Targeting PPC
  • Adjacent Categories Targeting PPC
  • Offensive vs Defensive PPC

Additionally, you will also learn:

  • DOMINATE Keyword Ranking & SKYROCKET Profit with The Exact Match Campaign
  • Simple Trick to INSTANTLY Improve the Profitability of Your AUTO Campaigns!
  • The Right Amazon PPC Campaign structure
  • 5 Step Guide to Lower ACOS AND Increase sales
  • 3 RIDICULOUSLY Profitable & EASY Amazon PPC Campaigns
  • INSANELY Profitable Headline Search Ads (HSA) Guide
  • Super Profitable Video PPC Ads
  • Effortlessly Generate A FREE List of HUNDREDS Of Profitable Keywords in Minutes!
  • Effortlessly Add High-Potential Keywords to Existing Campaigns in Just MINUTES
  • Common PPC Mistakes During a Product Launch
  • Get High-Demand, Low-Competition Keywords in Seconds with Helium 10


  • Weekly PPC Optimization in Campaign Manager
  • Optimization Step 1: Review
  • Optimization Step 2.1: Analyse – Bid Adjustments
  • Optimization Step 2.2: Analyse – Advanced Bid Adjustments with Bulk Operations
  • Optimization Step 2.3: Analyse – Negative Matches
  • Optimization Step 3: Tune
  • Optimization Step 4: Expand
  • Common Mistake (Even Experienced Sellers Do This!)
  • Scalability Hacks

Course Details

Course Duration

7 Weeks

Class Duration

1 - 1.5 hours

Class Days

Tue & Thu

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H10, JS, Merchant Word, Viral Launch


116 G, First floor, DHA Phase1 Lahore