FBA Reimbursement Service

FBAPL is here to help you with all of the important aspects in your business. Our Amazon expert team can handle refunds as well as other critical aspects of your business.

Overall Check

When we look into your account, the first thing that will come up is a list of missing or damaged inventory. We do this step by step so no units are overlooked when they go through fulfillment for amazon.

We know how difficult it can be to keep tabs on everything. That's why FBAPL here to help make things easier for you! With thousands of transactions happening each day on Amazon, mistakes and errors may take place but this doesn't mean they should continue to cost you more money.


We have the knowledge and experience necessary to track down a lost or damaged Amazon warehouse item. We use our high tech equipment for this task, so you can be sure that your claim will get filed in an efficient manner with minimal fuss from start to finish!

Return Handling

We're the best at handling returns and ensuring that both received orders and reimbursements match up. Our team is there to make sure you don't get charged for any overages; so we'll refund what they were originally owed- no dimensional weight fees or Amazon commission expenses!

Damaged Goods

We identify goods damaged by the shipper and make sure that shipped items that were replaced are returned before the deadline. We are making sure that Amazon has refunded your 20% restocking fee or the full amount. We know the importance of keeping track of what's happening in your business.